Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's going on?

Why does someone who has not been involved in any Township committees nor done any volunteer work for the Township feel prepared to serve as Supervisor? For almost two years we've had a new participant trying to get up to speed to be effective in his role. He at least claimed experience gained by watching his father be Supervisor in Upper Uwchlan, but one could wonder if that was what caused him to be so cavalier with the truth of his residency—thinking that living next door in his childhood qualified him as a resident to run for office.

We can’t afford the learning curve. DiLibero has been watching and waiting and not stepping up to the job. We don’t need a second Supervisor cut of that same cloth. The newly announced “Independent” candidate Malasics has all the earmarks of being a DiLibero clone. In May, when asked to present his accusations directly to Miller’s face in public, he refused. He put on a show of replying, but would not take any direct questions. Makes one wonder how open and communicative he’d been on the job.

In the clone department we have:
• Both holding forth from the bully pulpits of their work space
• Both casting aspersions to any and all who enter
• Both sparing the truth, with the attitude expressed so well in the cliché: my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts
• Neither taking time to participate in the Township before running
• Neither interested in the whole township, just focusing on the new people and the subdivisions where they can have the most contact with the least commitment
• Neither being able to articulate how they can make a difference. They say it’s time for a change, but can’t tell us what change beyond replacing a very experienced, informed, thoughtful, caring Supervisor with another new, shoot-from-the-hip, uninformed guy
• Both slandering the Township government from their bully pulpits, but not raising the issues in public meetings where we might learn the Truth for West Vincent

Have you noticed Malasics doesn’t really have an opinion or answer until he checks with DiLibero? Maybe he's not a clone at all, just a puppet.

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