Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just like Barry

On his website, Rich said: "I am running as an Independent. After my experience observing the manipulation of the Republican Committee of West Vincent, I have decided that perhaps locally, the representatives of the Republican Party are lacking ethics."

Instead of bothering to understand the facts or work within the party to make a difference, he bails out. Is that what you want in a Supervisor? Is that ethical?

He did very well running as a Republican in May, just not well enough to win the party place on the ticket. The event he is criticizing, the endorsement of Ken by the Republican party, happened last winter. It's not a new story. Rich talked about it on his website before the primary and his supporter Jim Martin used it on his negative site, too.

The Truth for West Vincent is that the Republican party meeting in which Ken was endorsed had been announced publically at a Township meeting when the meeting room use was requested. There is no requirement for the meeting to be announced at all, as long as all of the elected members know about it, and they obviously did since they gave Ken their unanimous endorsement.

The use of “lacking ethics” is just an expression of sour grapes. It’s simply twisting the story to slur people doing the right thing in the right manner.

Where did he learn that that was the way we want our elected officials to act? Did he get the wrong lesson from his mentor? Why do they think we like being lied to?

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