Friday, October 30, 2009

Sent to me to Post - from One Neighbor

As a concerned neighbor, citizen and friend I’m really starting to dislike politics. All I ask for is honesty, truth and know-how in the candidate I select. And, what I ask of my neighbors is to seek out that honesty, truth and know-how in the candidate they select. Don’t believe hear-say, check the facts. It may take a little more energy and may not be as much fun, but you’ll feel better about your vote. You’ll be an informed citizen whose vote definitely counts. See you at the polls!

One Neighbor

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First said...

Why in the world did Rich let himself get dragged into Barry's private war against the township? This will only end badly for noth of them.

For anyone who does not know this already, Barry is Rich's campaign manager. Same signs, same smear tactics, same goofy attacks on one of the best township governments in Chester County.