Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comment from BornintheUSA

This is in a comment, but I decided to more it up to the level of a post to make it easier to find.

Here's the comment:

Rich ran a negative campaign in the Spring. He has limited knowledge of the facts and presented outright lies about West Vincent government to the voters he visited. I know because I am one of them. I have lived in West Vincent for many years and I happen to like it here. The rural integrity of the township has been preserved despite the tremendous development pressure of the past 20 years. Our township taxes are a real value for the services we receive. Our roads are in great shape. West Vincent government is open. Township supervisors have always encouraged residents be a part of the process. Just the other week, Ken Miller and Zoe Perkins commended the 90 plus township residents who took time from their busy lives to be a part of the Community Conversation meeting held at the township building. Ken and Zoe are easily accessible. If you don't catch Zoe at home, you'll surely pass her while she is walking on the roads. I have stopped at Ken's farm to discuss township issues many times over the years. He is always available and if he's not there, his wife or sons will tell you where to find him. Even though I may not always agree with Ken, he is always willing to listen and share his thoughts. Would Rich do the same? I think not! In an open forum this spring, he refused to answer questions from concerned residents. Is that open? If I hear something from Rich that sounds suspicious, I will not take his work for it. He has proven himself untrustworthy. Remember his lie about the police?

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