Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here's an Interesting Thought

"I believe because of the facts and information being revealed that Chickenman is Dave Monteith, with Barry Dilibero and Tom (erwinrommel) Helwig as major contributors. An interesting perspective was shared with me that Hankin, and Gerlach who he contributes to big time, could also be supporting these people because he wants to replace the supervisors to gain friendly eyes and ears so as to redo his town center project for financial purposes."

It would explain why chickenman is so concerned about how Mr Hankin was treated by the West Vincent supervisors, and how much it cost Mr Hankin when he sued the supervisors individually and collectively. He has had his approval for the commercial area since 2002 and for his age-restricted community since perhaps 2008. The only thing that's keeping him from building now is his business sense, that the time's not right. If he could be making money by doing it, you can bet he would be. What businessman wouldn't?

But what's in it for chickenman and company? Has someone been making promises?

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Truth for West Vincent said...

From someone who was having trouble making a comments. It did make me giggle.

"Perhaps he thinks he's modeled himself after Socrates or the niggling rants continue, I'd guess that more and more conclude that he's just another shallow cognitive puddle like Ex-Gov Palin."