Saturday, October 29, 2011

Questions for Maria Holderness and Rich Malasics:

Why are you running? Are you each (or is it both?) holding a grudge against someone in the township you hope to resolve by becoming a supervisor?

Rich, since you were not able to have Barry resolve your issues with the WVT police when he was a supervisor, are you thinking you'll do better yourself? If that's the case, why not campaign on your own? Or is this like two years ago: Barry does all the talking and just points to you as the candidate?

Maria, are you thinking you can change the zoning to resolve your issues with your neighbor? Isn't it enough that you put both your neighbor and the taxpayers of West Vincent through great expense to confirm that they were doing business as permitted? Do you want to spend more of our tax money tearing down our ordinances and compromising the quality of life in our community? It can't be because you care about how the township funds are spent, or you would not be abusing the system, not paying your debts. Do you want the rest of us to pay it for you? Is that why you’re running? Is that fair?

For both: what is your political party this election?

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