Thursday, May 5, 2011

West Vincent Supervisor Campaign 2011

Here we are again, only this time Rich is running as a Republican again. What happened to that switch to Independent of two years ago?

Other than Rich coming back again as a Republican (remember he was a Republican until he lost the primary in 2009, then he ran as an Independent), there are a lot of new faces on the scene. Zoe, a several term incumbant is not running for reelection; Clare, who was appointed by the supervisors to fill the vacancy created when a Chester County judge removed Barry from office, is running for the 2-year term.

The new faces are:
Republicans, David Brown (6 yr term) against the above-mentioned Rich Malasics
Kit Trolier (2 yr term) against Maria Holderness
Democrats: John Eldridge (6 yr term) against Jeff Hester
Clare Quinn (2 yr term) against Jeff (yes, he's running for both terms)

Clare is an incumbant supervisor who brings experience, perspective, and expertise to the job. David, John, and Kit aren't new to the township or to helping preserve the quality of life we enjoy here. They have all been engaged in one way or another, as volunteers, working for their friends and neighbors in West Vincent. I don't believe that Rich, Maria, or Jeff can say the same; it seems they come to Supervisor meetings only and come with pre-planned issues targeted at specific people in the meeting. I wish they were presenting constructive criticism and stepped up to help make the changes they say we need. My second wish would be that they were free agents, unencumbered by petty complaints against their neighbors, and self confident enough to do their own thinking.

Ask all 7 candidates how they have been involved in West Vincent up to now, and what they know about the real issues we face. I hope you get the Truth. Then vote for the future of our township on May 17th.

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Truth for West Vincent said...

The four candidates who won slots in the May for the November 8th General Election are David and Kit as the Republican candidates and Clare and John on the Democratic ticket. Be sure to come out and vote!